RIENS online survey now available, post-workshop

ariel photo of downtown kitchener

If you were not able to attend the RIENS (Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods) workshop on October 27, you can still contribute your feedback to the process.

  1. Share your feedback on the proposed recommendations for new development in established neighbourhoods via Engage Kitchener, an online tool the City of Kitchener uses to collect feedback. Complete the survey by the end of November 2016. When you register, you get follow up information for every survey you complete
  2. You can also review the presentation that was made at the October 27 workshop
  3. Share with your neighbours so they can give their feedback too!
  4. If surveys aren’t your thing, you can also give your feedback by email or telephone to the project planner – Janine Oosterveld
    519-741-2200 ext. 7076 | TTY 1-866-969-9994 | janine.oosterveld@kitchener.ca

In case you’ve forgotten what RIENS is all about, the short story is outlined below, or, you can visit the project website for the longer story.

The city is growing. New housing is required to meet the demands of a growing population. Redeveloping new housing within the city’s established neighbourhoods is expected to increase.

Currently, how intensification projects are approved varies depending on the size and impact of the proposal. The land use designation of a property also dictates which planning policies and regulations apply (such as zoning requirements and urban design standards). In some cases, projects are approved by staff; others require council or committee of adjustment approval and must go through a public input process.

The city is undertaking a review of its planning approval process for new development projects in established residential neighbourhoods to determine if changes are necessary. The purpose of the Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS) is to develop a clear and fair process for approving redevelopment projects in these neighbourhoods.

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