It’s Survey Saturday!


Engage Kitchener banner

In case you didn’t know, the City of Kitchener has launched a public engagement platform called Engage Kitchener. Its municipal counter parts in Waterloo, Cambridge & the Region of Waterloo are also on the same platform. One account, one login and you can respond to surveys until your heart’s content!

But here are a few key surveys active on the Kitchener page that would benefit from your input:

Also, the Region of Waterloo is looking for feedback on 15 public art projects for the ION transit stops. You will want to see these! Last day for comment is Friday December 9, 2016.

When you sign up for Engage, hosted on Peak Democracy, you can also be notified when new consultation surveys are posted online.

So grab your favourite Saturday morning beverage and have a happy “Survey Saturday”!

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