Mount Hope Music Club begins January 9 2017

mount hope music club

Join the Mount Hope Music Club!

This group is all about music appreciation, self expression and picking up an instrument even if you’ve NEVER done so before! That’s right! One part community fun, one part music lesson, one part try something new = an adventure in community and music!

Numerous and various instruments are available for people to try including percussion, fretted strings, and brass. Participants can also bring their own instruments if they wish!

This music adventure is facilitated by Dan Allen who is a direct support person at Extend-a-Family, a music therapist and music instructor.

A performance opportunity in the community will occur at the end of ten weeks.

Cost is $10 per lesson.

Open to all ages and abilities, the Mount Hope Music Club offers support for anyone who want to learn how to play music.

Begins Monday January 9, 2017 – continues every Monday for 10 weeks.

Cost: $10/per person per lesson

Time: 7:15 – 8:15pm

Contact: Daniel Allen | 519-760-3530 |

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