Two Midtown Artists take over City Hall!

For the month of January 2017, you can find the stunning art work of our neighbours, Sarah Granskou & Trevor Ewert, at Kitchener City Hall.

Sarah’s exhibit is the culmination of work as Kitchener’s 2016 Artisit-in-Residence. Over one year, Sarah planted a dye garden – the plants from which she used to dye dozens of colours of wool. She used the dyed wool to create a full collection of woodland creatures and characters. Sarah hosted wool-felting workshops during the year where participants could learn the art of wet felting. Participants made the small leaves that adorn the 6 foot tall tree in the Berlin Tower ARTSPACE. Sarah also made caves, puppets (small & big), birds and various woodland creatures.

You have to see this work in person to appreciate the detail and scale of it all! You can see more about Sarah’s work on her website:

Meanwhile, just around the corner in the City Hall Rotunda Gallery, Trevor Ewert is showing a series of wood prints called Once Upon a Tree. Trevor is an exceptional woodworker and bow maker (the musical instrument kind, not the archery kind), making wooden bowls, charcuterie boards and paddles for beer flights. When you work with so much wood, I guess you get to see every part of it, intimately!

Visit Trevor’s website to see how he creates these gorgeous prints:

It’s not a big secret that we have a lot of talented artists in the neighbourhood. But I will tell you another fun fact… Sarah & Trevor also happen to be married, to each other! How often do couples get to do a joint exhibition!

Get to Kitchener City Hall before the end of January to see both Trevor & Sarah’s work. Take your skates and twirl around the rink while you’re there. Enjoy!

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