More big changes coming to Midtown

the Sixo Midtown website
the Sixo Midtown website –

You might have seen this article in The Record announcing that the Zehr group purchased a property at the corner of King & Wellington St so that the company now owns the entire block fronting King Street between the railway tracks and Wellington Street South, all the way back tot he Ontario Seed property.

It might be a few years before we see redevelopment on the property but we would love the opportunity for the neighbourhood to share it’s vision of a development that contributes to a liveable neighbourhood!

There are several Midtown Mount Hope neighbours already working on a Jane’s Walk that will look at all the redevelopment happening in & on the edges of our neighbourhood. Mark your calendar for Jane’s Walk weekend…  May 5 – 7…. there are some great walks already shaping up again this year.


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