152 Shanley Street: Electrohome Update and other Stories

Electrohome Building – Shanley Steet at Duke Street West  – Sketch by Trent Bauman, April 8 2017

Here’s the latest update on the potential sale of the Electrohome building as posted in The Record: Long-delayed tax sale of former Electrohome site moving ahead

There is additional information about the sale of the building on the City of Kitchener website.

But wait… this story has another chapter…

While Trent sat sketching the building for 45 minutes, these things happened:

  • a woman peeked over his shoulder and recounted a story of another sketcher from 15 years ago who was attracted to the red door in the third floor fire escape. That door is significantly faded now!
  • Kris came by with their new pup, doing ‘clicker’ training
  • Dan & the kids wandered by, out for a walk in the sunshine
  • many cars slowed & stared
  • neighbour & artist Greg Kirch posted a stealth photo he snapped while walking by of what he called the “two footed grey crouching sketcher”
  • Trent’s brain worked overtime thinking about what the building could become if & when it is sold

Electrohome Building on Shanley Street

You just never know who you’ll meet around the neighbourhood when you sit on the street corner sketching…

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