Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

The proliferation of signs on every second hydro pole at every other intersection has caught the attention of Kitchener By-law. Indeed, this kind of DIY signage is against Kitchener sign by-laws. Many of them went up around the neighbourhood while King Street was closed for LRT construction. And they just kept coming…. !

proliferation of signs in midtown kw

3 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

  1. I contacted Kitchener bylaw about this issue over a month ago to get our streets cleaned up. They told me it was a Region (ION) responsibility. I also copied our ward councillor. I then contacted the region. My contact requestwas given a log number and I’ve heard nothing since. This needs to be cleaned up soon.


  2. King Street is still closed south of Wellington. And the LRT has severely reduced the options for getting into Central and the Braun Street Entrance is now permanently closed. So I think the directional signs are just fine until the end of the year when all streets are open again. The LRT has led to a major loss of revenue for some businesses so I think it is only fair they be allowed to advertise their whereabouts. For me it is a “non issue” for the time being.


  3. The only businesses still affected by LRT closure would be those in the LCBO plaza on King St. They deserve an exemption until acces to the plaza is improved. On a trip to Central yesterday, I was surprised and pleased to see the back entrance on Braun St has been reopened, which just makes so much sense.


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