Neighbour’s Day – Host your own event!

June 10, 2017 marks the third annual Neighbours Day, hosted by the City of Kitchener. There are events hosted at city facilities, but residents and organizations have the opportunity to get involved and host your own event too! There are some $200 gift cards available to support qualifying events that will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What kind of gathering have you been wanting to host with your neighbours?! Here’s your chance!

And here’s a quick overview of Neighbours Day for 2016.



2 thoughts on “Neighbour’s Day – Host your own event!

  1. Do you know the yoga posture called tree pose? It can be done as a partner yoga pose. It might be cool if we made a ‘forest’ of connected neighbours along the spurline trail.


    1. I love this!!! Do you think you could pull it off for June 10th? Or maybe sometime this summer… 🙂


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