Love My Laneway

Guest post from Catherine Owens!

Our Laneways are a hidden gem and are really walking trails throughout our neighbourhood.  Neighbours abutting the laneway between Louisa and Shanley Streets running from Duke Street to Waterloo Street were successful in their application for a “Love My Hood” grant.

Thanks so much to the City of Kitchener and the “Love My Hood” initiative for awarding us a grant to “beautify our laneway”. With the grant we were able to buy 7 cedar planters and fill them with 60 bags of soil and pollinator and edible plants (we are already harvesting blueberries). Neighbours also got together to paint the side of garages and fences with floral graphics to make a little garden walk in the middle of the City. Thanks to all the neighbours who helped to make this happen, Mr. Panda from the KCI art department, Kaitlyn Hinch the student artist, Kwartzlab who did the stencils and the City for helping to make this happen.

Drop by: Saturday July 28, between 2 to 4 pm to see the results and have a glass of lemonade!

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