Monday October 22 is Election Day!

I hope you’ve got your game-plan ready for Election Day on Monday October 22! If you are over the age of 18, live in Kitchener and are a Canadian citizen, you are entitled to vote in a Municipal Election. If you are at work that day, you are also entitled to time off work in order to go vote! Really, no reason not to do it.

Check with a neighbour, make a date to go vote together!

If you’re still struggling with decisions on whom to vote for, here are some great resources to help you out:

  • CivicTechWR has compiled an excellent info hub that consolidates candidate websites, social media, any questionnaires, meeting recordings (including the televised Rogers TV debates) and endorsement lists along with any news items mentioning candidates
  • enter your street address at to get your personalized list of Ward, Mayoral, Regional and School Board Trustee candidates.
  • This is an excellent resource and I’ve spent hours reading up on candidates who aren’t even in our Ward 10!

Not sure where your poll is?

Use this map from the City of Kitchener to find your polling locations.

Didn’t receive your Voter Notification Card in the mail?

No problem, you can still vote. Just bring a piece of ID & something with your mailing address on it and the election workers will make sure you get to vote!

Additional information about voting

What resources have your found helpful for making voting decisions?

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