Time for the Annual Midtown Christmas Party Potluck and Stocking Stuffing Event!

Midtown Neighbourhood Party 2016
Happy Holidays and help make it brighter for people in our community. 
Every year we ask our neighbours, friend and family to donate items to pack in our “stockings” that will be  donated to St. John’s Kitchen. Guests at the kitchen face poverty, homelessness, social isolation.
This event is to provide each guest with a small stocking with personal care items and treats over the holidays; a small gesture that someone cares.
This year we will also send some “stockings” to the outreach team at Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre who will share them with people they know.
Saturday December 8th
 4:30- 7:00 pm
  WALES building behind Sacred Heart School
This year we are looking for donations of:
  • socks, hats, mitts
  • feminine hygiene products
  • lip chap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, bandaids ( travel sizes)
  • hand cream, shampoo, deodorant ( travel sizes)
  • granola bars, gum, any other prepackaged snacks

We also need lots of Christmas stickers to decorate the paper-bag stockings and festive marker colours to write messages.

If you want to contribute but can’t make it on the potluck date, donated items can be dropped off at 8 Dekay Street. 

See you there!

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