You can nominate a “Great Place” for a Kitchener award

Do you know of a project or place that you think makes a positive impact on our city?

The call for nominations is now open for Kitchener’s Great Places Awards (until April 26th).  This program includes a variety of categories  – for large and small projects – that demonstrate design excellence in Kitchener for:

  • Urban Design
  • Placemaking
  • Sustainability
  • Heritage
  • Neighbourhood design
  • Student Projects (conceptual projects)
  • Master Planning (conceptual projects)

It has to be completed fairly recently (last 4 years or so with specific criteria provided for each award).  If someone is interested in nominating and they aren’t sure, you can contact Janine Oosterveld (519-741-2200 ext. 7076 |

Think about the placemaking interventions that have taken place around the neighbourhood (chalkboards, Little Free Libraries); they might be smaller scale, but they really make a difference in our community.

Later in the process, there is also a People’s Choice award category where everyone can vote on the project they like best of the nominated/ shortlisted projects.

For more information, visit Great Places Awards.

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