What’s your climate action for 2020?

Climate change has people thinking deeply about the impacts of a changing environment and what it will mean on a small and large scale in the near and not-to-distant future.

More and more, neighbours, neighbourhoods, communities and cities are making changes to limit and reduce the effects of climate change. You might even have your own actions already under way.

On January 1, 2020, Jessica Ressor-Rempel sent an email our MP Raj Saini, urging him to speak up for climate action whenever possible during his work on behalf of our community.

Shortly after sending her email, she forwarded it to several neighbours and friends with a commitment and an invitation.


Jessica intends to send one email a week to our Kitchener Centre MP, Raj Saini, throughout 2020.


To keep herself accountable, Jessica invited others to join her in weekly or more regular emails to our Mr. Saini. (see her initial email below the photo)

Jessica Ressor-Rempel (L) with her husband Steve and their two young daughters at the Climate Action rally in Waterloo, fall 2019.
Photo Credit: Leena Miller-Cressman

Here is Jessica’s first email

Hi neighbourhood friends,
Happy New Year! I just sent this email to Raj Saini and my plan is to write him a very short email every week of 2019 (or more often if I can) always asking for him to speak up on Climate Action. Would anyone like to join me? I need accountability 🙂

Begin forwarded message:

From: j.reesor.rempel@gmail.com
Date: January 1, 2020 at 8:28:15 PM EST
Subject:Climate Action

Hello Mr. Saini,

Happy New Year! My name is Jessica Reesor Rempel and I am one of your constituents. As we launch into this new year and new decade, taking action to limit climate change is foremost on my mind. As I write this I am waiting outside the bedroom door as my 8 month old Stella sleeps and my almost three year old Anna is falling asleep. I long for them (and all of the world’s children) to have a hopeful future and they depend on us, the adults, to take action.

Our family is taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint by walking, biking and taking public transit whenever we can as well as eating less meat. Steps like this are important but they won’t make much impact without political action. Respectfully, I would like to ask you to speak up whenever you can in favour of meaningful large scale climate action, on behalf of myself and my children.


Jessica Reesor Rempel
Waterloo St.
Kitchener, ON
N2H 3W1

Will you join? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a whole neighbourhood urging and encouraging action? What other actions are you already taking?

I encourage you to listen to this 23 minute segment from The Sunday Edition on CBC (December 27, 2019). Interesting ideas about framing of the issues, fear, solutions and action, both small and large. And how to talk about climate change with others! Worth a listen.

Share your actions below, maybe others will join you!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead

3 thoughts on “What’s your climate action for 2020?

  1. I love this idea and would be interested in taking part! Juanita, would you mind passing Jessica my contact info?


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