Volunteers needed for our neighbourhood Development Committee

As you are aware, the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association (MHBPNA) created a Development Committee a couple of years ago to track and monitor all development happening in the neighbourhood and to give feedback to the City on behalf of our neighbourhood on some of the most significant planning changes impacting the residents of Mt.Hope (our midtown neighbourhood).

The Committee has been working hard on your behalf over the past couple of years to preserve the look and feel of the neighbourhood and ensure that your are kept up to date on the changes proposed by the City which impact your home and your neighbourhood. 

The Committee is composed of representatives from the MHBPNA and various other residents who value living  in Mt. Hope and want the best for our neighbourhood.

We are looking for residents who live in Mt.Hope/Breithaupt to join the Development Committee.

What’s involved?

The Committee meets once a month for two hours.  Members of the committee typically take on a research role for specific aspects of the City’s planning process ie PARTS, RIENS, Tall Buildings, Urban Design etc. etc. etc. or on specific projects like Breithaupt Block Three, the Transit Hub, Station Park, Sacred Heart School, Electrohome. Generally members of the Committee would spent 5 or 6 hours per month on research or monitoring or tracking activity and reporting back to the Committee at the monthly meeting.

How do I get more information?

If you are interested send me, Catherine, an email and we can arrange to get together over a coffee to discuss the time commitment and how you can help us to keep this a viable, attractive neighbourhood and

What are the 2020 priorities?

  • the Regional Transit Hub (King & Victoria Street)
  • demolition policy
  • implementation of RIENS (Residential Intensification in Existing Neighbourhoods)
  • Secondary plans for the MHBPNA in 2020
  • Transit studies of the neighbourhood, and….
  • protecting the midtown tree canopy

A major priority is the Transit Hub as the Region is moving quickly to proceed with the development and residents have a great deal of input about closing Duke at Breithaupt and the need for pedestrian access to Victoria Street (from Duke AND Waterloo streets). The committee would welcome additional resources to help us prepare our responses to the Region.

When does the group meet?

Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm on Duke Street West.

I send out an agenda in advance and will send 2020 meeting dates as soon as we have confirmation of who is on the committee for 2020 from MHBPNA.

Currently, the committee members include: Gordon Hatt, Ted Parkinson, Rachel Tucker, Nik Schmidt, Kathy Mortimer and Mark Sisson.
Sarah Marsh is an ad hoc member. Laura Dewar and Dawn Parker remain as “interested parties” due to their expertise but do not attend meetings.

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to be in the middle of the action!

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