What you notice when you really look

What used to be here

Artisit Trent Bauman

What often happens to things that disappear or no longer exist? We find photos or paintings of that thing and it’s memories in big fancy frames in art galleries or paintings…. just like this piece of the Electrohome building.

Trent says:

I wanted to represent the original building as I have many memories walking by the building over the years and watching it decay. I decided to do the drawing on paper and let it slowly deteriorate over the time the new building is built. 

Trent, who lives on Waterloo Street, can often be found sketching buildings around the neighbourhood. *Full Disclosure: Trent is also my husband**

Can’t wait to see how this little drawing weather’s the next couple years!

Close up

We’re stronger together

Artist Aislinn Clancy

This work by Aislinn Clancy, who lives on Louisa Street, is a collaboration with her friend and partner in environmental activism , Abhilasha Dewan.

Aislinn said that Abhi designed the mural and she did most of the painting.

“The message Abhi put together speaks of hope and connection as we cope with disconnection, anxiety and fear.”

I was excited for this opportunity because our efforts to face COVID-19 stressors, oppression and environmental degradation are encouraged by collaboration. Sometimes I feel alone in my hope for the planet, but this project is a great counter argument to that feeling.”

As for the project overall, Aislinn also felt strongly about what it says about our neighbourhood.

“I’m grateful to live in a community that values art. I want to do what I can to promote these beautifying, connecting and creative projects. This type of project helps me live my values, give to my community and speak truth.”

I fully agree!!

Bird on a wire

Artist Lisa Barlow-Busch

Sometimes the purpose behind a painting is as simple and perfect as “I like birds.” Which is exactly what Lisa said when I asked about the inspiration for this piece.

She claims she likes all kinds of crafty things, including painting but this is her first large mural. Nothing like a community project for people to say, ‘I want to paint a mural.’

I have to say, the shape of each bird is very identifiable and I recognize each one of them!

Also, I can’t walk by this painting without Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire” popping into my head! I love the connection between music and art.

Lisa lives on Louisa Street.

Last instalment next week!

Well, next Saturday will be the last of our features on the mural collection. I hope you’ve been enjoying this little series and hope that it inspires you to go visit the outdoor gallery when you can.

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