Trees In My Neighbourhood | Guided Tour of Mount Hope Neighbourhood

Have you ever wondered about the trees in your neighbourhood? Trees increase community wellbeing and help us to tackle the effects of climate change. With a little care, our urban forest will be around for generations to enjoy.

Register for free here. Tuesday August 16 @ 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Take an expert-guided walk in your Kitchener neighbourhood to learn about:

  • Tree canopy cover in your neighourhood
  • Benefits of trees
  • Interesting facts about trees
  • The challenges of growing trees in urban areas
  • How to care for your local trees

This workshop is hosted by REEP Green. There will be space for a maximum of 20 participants to join us on this scenic, interactive workshop. We especially encourage participation from residents of the Mount Hope Neighbourhood.

Photo by Daniel Reche on

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