Guelph Street Community Garden storage container painting party

The city park currently known as Uniroyal Goodrich Park (on Guelph St. right at the Spur Line Trail) is slated to be upgraded this autumn. The first step of this rejuvenation is the new shipping container to store community garden tools, picnic tables & chairs, and anything else that might be needed at the park. … More Guelph Street Community Garden storage container painting party

Campaign goal accomplished!

Well done neighbours, friends and supporters…. together we successfully raised $5000 to cover the expenses associated with the expert witness report for the Breithaupt Block Phase 3 development appeal. Legal costs were covered by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) Support Centre. Between door admissions, drink sales, raffle tickets, face painting and matching donations from … More Campaign goal accomplished!

My vision for the Electrohome site!

Here is my vision for a potential ad for development at this site. Please share—especially with your out-of-town developer friends! This is an amazing opportunity to be a first-mover in this underserved market, and to create an opportunity for family, friends and other great new neighbours to join our neighbourhood. Highly sought after family-friendly … More My vision for the Electrohome site!

Happy New Year!

And all the best for a healthy, happy and engaged new year!! See you in the neighbourhood! By the way… does anyone know a good method for removing chalk without water? This freezing cold weather makes it a bit challenging for changing the messages!