Climate change and neighbourhoods

Our midtown Mount Hope neighbourhood is already a participant in the Rain Ready neighbourhoods initiative, but here’s another climate change focused opportunity.

ClimateActionWR is looking for Sector Committee members for the ClimateActionWR plan, and are particularly interested in getting neighbourhood representatives engaged in the Residential Sector Committee. If you are interested, please contact Mary Jane Patterson, right away since they are expecting to get the committee up & running very soon.

Or, if you know the perfect person for this, please pass along this notice.

ClimateActionWRHere’s a description of the committee opportunity:

Committee members take a ‘birds-eye’ view of their sector, being aware of all initiatives related to climate change mitigation within the boundaries of Waterloo Region, in order to identify and accelerate progress toward achieving our community’s GHG reduction target. They support the achievement of the 6% GHG reduction target by acting as connectors and catalysts in our communities. 

The time commitment of this role is estimated at 6hrs/month, and we ask committee members to agree to a two year term.  Your input, progressive ideas and local knowledge will help build strong connections with other local initiatives, and catalyze action by encouraging organizations to reach a further level and identify those who are not yet taking action and prompt them to do. Ultimately, your participation will contribute to deep and sustained climate action in this community.

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