Is gardening on your summer wish list?

The Guelph Street Community Garden is taking names for their 2017 waiting list. A couple spots open up each year when people move, retire from gardening or don’t have time for it in their schedule.

Guelph Street Community Garden
In the ‘hood!

In case you didn’t know, the community garden is located in the Uniroyal Goodrich Park, right beside the Spurline Trail.  It has 24 plots that are gardened by families and households who live in the midtown Mount Hope neighbourhood. One of the 24 plots is a herb garden that is shared by all.

Even though gardeners have their own individual plot, everyone pitches in to help with various communal task of maintaining the space, cleaning the shed, turning the compost, weeding, etc.

If you are interested, contact the Guelph Street Garden: 

Back to my seed catalogues, ordering and dreaming of warm soil and green things sprouting from the earth!

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