Jim Tubb: Another midtown artist that makes this neighbourhood so great

Take a walk down Duke Street, near the old firehall and you will find the old Schippling bicycle repair shop, which now says “Schippling’s Apartments” on the second floor siding. But you might not have noticed that the main floor of the building holds a secret. Well, not so much a secret anymore since. Artist Jim Tubb would like if everyone knew about his artist run studio & gallery here.

Schippling building on Duke Street, Kitchener
Photo: Emily Gleeson, The Community Edition

The Community Edition ran a great article about Jim & his art in their January 2017 issue: Painting what life looks like.

And Luisa D’Amato wrote an article about him for The Record in December 2015.

And yes, both article point out the fact that he puts small paintings on the front window ledge for people to take. I’ve taken one, and gave it to a friend as a gift. A gift that came with its own wonderful story.

Of course, Jim’s work is also for sale when the gallery is open – go for a visit. Get out and explore the neighbourhood!

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