Concept plans unveiled for Sixo Midtown development by Zehr group

If you were on the Jane’s Walk hosted by Dawn Parker, Wayne Miedema and our Ward 10 Councilor Sarah Marsh, you would recall the walk started with a conversation with Zac Zehr about their development on King Street West between Wellington and Victoria.

This article from The Record includes an artist rendering of the planned development which includes high rise condos, apartments, office space, retail and commercial use.

There are some interesting ideas to include “village” type amenities such as outdoor public space, an amphitheatre,  trail connectivity and places where neighbours would feel comfortable just hanging out.

At any rate, expect a dramatic change in the midtown skyline.

This artist’s rendering shows Zehr Group’s plans for Sixo Midtown, a development on King Street, near Kitchener’s downtown, that would include almost 1,000 residential units. – Zehr Group
This artist’s rendering shows a street level view of the Sixo Midtown development in Kitchener. – Zehr Group
The Sixo Midtown development will include a large outdoor area featuring patios, fountains and an outdoor amphitheatre. – Zehr Group

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