Midtown neighbours & friends loves Jane’s Walk!

Traditionally, Jane’s Walks hosted in the Mount Hope & Breithaupt park neighbourhoods have been very well attended. Turns out, they are still well attend, even in terrible rainy weather. Mark you calendar for the first weekend of May 2018. More walks again next year!

Mount Hope Cemetery Jane's Walk
Wayne Miedema leads a fantastic Jane’s Walk of the Mount Hope Cemetery, weaving together a history of early Berlin/Kitchener history by the names that you’ll find on the monuments in the cemetery.

Dawn Parker, Wayne Miedema & Sarah Marsh led a new walk that featured the high & mid-rise intensification developments taking place in Midtown. Believe it or not, under many of those umbrellas are neighbourhood residents who are super curious to learn about the latest developments planned for the neighbourhood.

Can you believe this is the south end of our midtown neighbourhood?!?! It looks so dramatically different. This view is from the old McDonalds parking lot, looking south toward Victoria Street along King Street.

Part 2 of the midtown walk featured low & mid-rise intensification projects such as the project at the corner of Waterloo & Bismark Streets and the ODC redevelopment. Both walks on Saturday afternoon where a great opportunity to catch up with neighbours and meet new people from other corners of the ‘hood.

Midtown KW intensification projects
Still a group of 25 people in the pouring rain. We’re so curious to know what’s happening in the neighbourhood. People want to be informed.

Sunday morning was for the doggies!

Max & Scout leading their Jane’s Dog Walk in Mount Hope Cemetery & along the Spurline Trail. With their human, and great Jane’s Walk organizer, Kerri!

Our neighbour Catherine got Jane’s Walk going at Rockway Gardens in 2016. So glad they did it again this year!

Rockway Gardens Jane's Walk
Our neighbour Catherine is on the Board of the Kitchener Horticultural Society and she was instrumental in getting the Jane’s Walk going for Rockway Garden’s in 2016.

It’s always fun to meet up and walk with neighbours… now, where did those 3 young boys go?!?!?

It’s great to cross paths with so many neighbours on Jane’s Walks – see you again next year. If you could lead a Jane’s Walk… what topic would you choose?? Is there a Jane’s Walk you would like to see take place in Midtown Mount Hope next year?

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