Chalk one up for community building

We did it! We built three more outdoor chalkboards to be installed around our Midtown neighbourhood. We built one chalkboard last year and discovered it was a great way to reach neighbours who regularly walk around the ‘hood but might not be connected online. It actually brought some new folks out to events, just  because they saw it on the chalkboard.

We received a Neighbourhood Matching Grant (supported by City of Kitchener & United Way Waterloo Region Communities) to grow our family of chalkboards!  With the contributions of  more than two dozen people we were able to get input from neighbours on a new chalkboard design, find a designer to translate the input into concrete plans and have many builders realize the plans into real chalkboards!

Many hands make light work…

What to do when it rains in the middle of the afternoon?

what to do when it rains during the build day
What to do when you have a small rain shower during the build day in the park? Take the time for a water & snack break, collect receipts for project administration and relax with your neighbours!
baked goods and fruit tray from CE Food Experience
… and we eat snack from CE Bakery (on Moore Ave)… so delicious!!

Look who stopped by…

neighbour with modified bicycle
The chalkboard build in the park caused lots of neighbours to stop by and see what was going on!
We were just as interested in James’ super cool modified bicycle!

The chalkboards got important messages on the front and secret art on the back!

Some cool jazz music makes the afternoon slide away…

Ted & Joan Parkinson
We were serenaded with fantastic live jazz music by Ted Parkinson from his back deck, which is conveniently right beside the Duke Street Playground. And Joan, all around engaged neighbour worked with the chalkboard crew in the park all afternoon!

Chalkboards installed in their new homes!

There are still a few finishing touches to complete on the chalkboards, but they are out there, in the wild… find all four!

The beautiful chalkboards will rotate around to various front yards across the neighbourhood. The changing messages will be be done by artists who live here too – the best of both worlds… get your neighbourhood events & updates and see a work of art!

Would you like to have the chalkboard in your yard? Get in touch and we’ll add you to the list.

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