The real estate story in Midtown KW… in photos

coming soon real estate sign in midtown kw
“Coming Soon” signs are becoming more common
real estate letter received in mailboxes in midtown kw
this ‘hand written’ (photocopy) letter has been making the rounds in various Kitchener neighbourhoods
sold sign in midtown kw
Neighbours go and new neighbours arrive…
we buy houses sign on a hydro pole in midtown kw
these are new and popping up around the neighbourhood! has anyone actually called these numbers?
house for sale by auction in midtown kw
this kind of house sale doesn’t happen very often in this day & age!
we buy houses lawn sign
are these all the same people… just with different telephone numbers?

One thought on “The real estate story in Midtown KW… in photos

  1. I love the auction idea. It is open and harder to play games with. It works great for farms -why not urban.


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