They’re sprayin’ the Spur

Sign at Weber & Wilhelm

On June 26th at 10:00pm until June 27th at 10:00am, the Spur Line trail will be closed for herbicide spraying.

The Region has published a document about the spraying, with the FAQ that they distributed at the previous info session:

“What Herbicides are being applied
The following herbicides will be applied by Green Stream Vegetation Management Inc. These substances have been evaluated and approved by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
– Overdrive Herbicide Reg. # 30065, Active Ingredients Diflufenzopyr (present as sodium salt) and Dicamba (present as sodium salt), Under the Pest Controls Act (Canada).
– Vantage Herbicide Reg. # 29994, Active Ingredient Glyphosate (present as dimethylamine salt), Under the Pest Controls Act (Canada).
– Esplanade Herbicide Reg. # 31333, Active Ingredient Indaziflam, Under the Pest Controls Act (Canada).
Why is vegetation control required along railways
Transport Canada requires the Region of Waterloo to maintain tracks to federal safety
standards by eliminating vegetation on the railway tracks. Grass, weeds, and other plants can
impede railway safety in a few ways:
– Plants growing over the tracks can cause slipping, which causes a train to take longer to stop
– Dry plants can catch fire
– The deterioration of the rail tracks is expedited when surrounded by plants and the
moisture they contain. The roots can also upheave railway ties.
– Plants make it very difficult to inspect the tracks for potential problems.”

Read the rest of the document for more information: 2017 Waterloo Spur Line – Vegetation Control Activities

And further questions can be directed to Matt Ropp at the Region of Waterloo: (519) 650-8202.

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