Weekly Wednesday potlucks start tonight!

All neighbours are welcome at the weekly summer potlucks every Wednesday throughout July & August, starting at 6PM at the Uniroyal-Goodrich Park (home of the Guelph Street Community Garden). July 5th is the first, and August 30th will be the last.

Potluck attendees at the summer solstice hour

Last year, potlucks ranged in attendance from 3 individuals to 40, and there is always fun to be had for kids (and adults) to run around the big open space after eating. While some people head home for bed at 7pm, others stay to play until 8pm or later.

Bring food to share, cutlery, plates or containers to eat out of, a drink and a method to carry everything home dirty (ie. a big ziploc bag).

Potlucks might happen if there’s a light drizzle, and occasionally are relocated if a downpour is predicted, so send an email if the weather forecast is making you wary. For tonight, the prediction is sunny skies, so see you there!

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