Meet the Hiller family at Wednesday potluck in the garden!

If you are planning to make it to at least ONE of the summer potlucks at the Uniroyal Goodrich Park this summer… make it this one! Members of the Hiller family will join us for potluck dinner at 6:00pm, Wednesday July 19. We’re hoping for some stories too!

Bring food to share, your own beverages, plates, cutlery, serving utensils and a blanket or chair to sit on.

You might recall that last year we reconnected with the Hiller family. Our community garden grows on what used to be the Hiller family home and property before it was owned by Uniroyal Goodrich and long before it became a City of Kitchener Park. Join us for Wednesday night potluck this week – Wednesday July […]

via Come meet the Hillers at Wednesday Potluck — Guelph Street Garden

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