Front yard community building with art!

I love it when neighbours want to connect with other neighbours by sharing their passion, whether its food or music or motorcycles or community art projects.

For Greg, it’s art and music! Greg and artist Sheila Diemert, who regularly create community based exhibits and shows together, brought Sheila’s art out onto Dekay Street on Saturday. And, they invited the neighbours. A cellist played live music, visitors pulled up a chair for a chat with new acquaintances and Sheila introduced people to her art indoors and in the front yard.

Greg Wilson and his Pop Up art show on DeKay Street
Greg’s front yard Pop Up Art Show – photo courtesy of Greg Wilson

Greg is hoping to do more of these art and music pop-up events in his intimate front yard right in the middle of the neighbourhood. I can’t wait for the next one and he’ll be sure to send details in advance so we can let you know in advance!

Front yard art show on DeKay Street
Got a great front yard space… why not use it for something interesting and engaging!
Greg Wilson hosted a pop-up art show with Sheila Diemert at his house on Dekay Street
Artist Sheila Diemert (L) and Greg (R) use art and music to bring neighbours together.

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