King Street is open but…..

I can’t say I love the streetscape at the moment. I know it will improve over the next decade, but until then, that’s one big “cash money” sign as a Welcome to Midtown.

Cash money and payday loan shops on King Street in Midtown

Hopefully the neighbourhood will have the chance to help determine the image and feel we want to present as our Midtown KW Neighbourhood.

The grand opening happened on Friday afternoon, July 28, and here is a short video of the official opening:

Region of Waterloo dignitaries re-open King Street after 2 year closure
Click the image for the video


2 thoughts on “King Street is open but…..

  1. Is there any recent word on what is happening with the McDonald’s? It would be nice to have it open instead of an ugly, empty building!


  2. I live in “Mt. Hope” and not “midtown” so I think my entrance is Wilhelm and Duke which has the Spur Line and some trees. Very nice.

    But you could say Midtown kind of begins with the Google Office rising majestically on King as you come out from the underpass. Yeah, the cash place does kind of stand out, but after the Sixo development gets going, someone else might buy the cash building. Certainly, lots of things will continue to change.

    As for McDonalds, we heard the big Mac folks still own the property. I’m sure they are waiting for the construction to be finished and I expect to see a brand new trendy McDonald’s built for all the local residents to hang out at. That land has become much more valuable in the past couple of years!


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