Chalkboard Magic

It’s real people behind the artful messages you see on the neighbourhood chalkboards. Thank you Meg Leslie & Julian van Mossel-Forrester for the colourful additions to our street corners and trails.

Artist Meg Leslie with her dog, Eli.
Artist Meg Leslie with her trusty side kick, Eli at the corner of Louisa & Moore.
new message drawn on midtown kw chalkboard
One of Julian’s messages on Shanley Street, at Duke.

We’re looking for more a couple more chalkboard artists to join the roster for message changes. Email

3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Magic

  1. I see two of the chalkboards regularly on my walks around the neighbourhood and I am loving them and they way they share news about our neighbourhood. Thank you!

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  2. I love the chalkboards. One of the things I really love about them is how well respected they seem to be – it appears that no one is tempted to damage the beautiful art or make their own (perhaps inappropriate) additions. Such a great way to share community messages!


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