Calling walkers, bikers or runners!

Running Shoe

I hope you’ve found some ways to enjoy your exercise this winter! And maybe you are already thinking about all the exercise you will enjoy this spring….. Right?? Of course you are!

Have you been wanting to enjoy the many benefits of getting outdoors by walking, biking, or running? At the “make it happen in the ‘hood” event last fall, some neighbours in our midtown area in Kitchener expressed an interest in starting a walking, cycling, or running group. Would you be interested in participating in this? Maybe you would be interested in coordinating a regular meet-up time for one of these activities! We’ve got friendly walkable streets and the Spurline Trail nearby to make for easy and accessible routes for everyone!

If you are interested in organizing something casual and non-competitive for children/youth or seniors or adults, please leave a comment below or email


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