The Library of Things opens this Weekend!

Poster for Library of Things Launch Saturday February 24

The KW Library of Things is a space where you can borrow infrequently used items such as tools or camping equipment… and it’s in our neighbourhood!!

Come by for the Library of Things Launch on, February 24, 9am – 1pm, to check out the inventory, talk to the founders, and sign up for a membership. At this time, payment for memberships is by cash or cheque only.

Why are people so interested in a Library of Things?

  •  Save money
    By borrowing instead of purchasing items you use infrequently, you save your own money.
  •  Save the environment
    Reduce the resources you consume and the number of items you send to the landfill by sharing.
  •  Support your community
    Your membership fees provide inclusive employment opportunities in your own community

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