Reminder about the Breithaupt Block Development at Kitchener City Council on Monday night

The proposed Breithaupt Block development is on the agenda at Kitchener’s Planning & Strategic Initiatives Committee on Monday April 9, 2018. City staff are recommending approval of the Official Plan Amendment and Zone Change Application.

Monday, April 9, 2018
 City of Kitchener, Council Chambers
200 King Street West 

You might have seen an article and an opinion column about this development in The Record this week.

Article: Breithaupt tower too close to homes, residents say
Opinion: An office tower, an old neighbourhood and Kitchener’s future

26, 43, & 47 Wellington Street North, 2-12 Moore Avenue, 20 Breithaupt Street

Opposition to the development by residents has centred on several factors:

  • overall height of the tower
  • shadow studies indicating impact
  • night time illumination
  • a decision in favour of the developer would contradict the guidelines set out in the City’s own PARTS plans, approved for the Central area in 2015 and Midtown in 2017

Several letters in opposition of the development have already been sent to Kitchener City Councillors and you can read them here:

If you want to be involved here are a few things you can do:

If you want to speak at the City Council meeting on Monday April 9, you should register as a delegation, in advance, online. If you are unable to complete the online delegation registration form please arrive early and speak with the committee administrator at the start of the meeting. Your information will be provided to the meeting chair to call for you at the appropriate time. More info about delegations here.

Edited: Sunday April 8, AM

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