Breithaupt Block Phase 3: Public Meeting

The Breithaupt Block development has been moving along very quickly since it was announced to the public in September 2017. Following a public meeting on January 9, 2018, Perimeter Development has submitted revised concepts to support the Official Plan Amendment and a Zone Change application to permit a new 12 storey mixed use commercial/office building, a five storey parking garage with retail uses along Breithaupt Street, a new privately owned parkette at the corner of Moore Avenue and Wellington Street North, and the reconfiguration of the existing lane.

City of Kitchener Planning Staff are recommending approval of the revised application.

You are invited to attend the public meeting

Monday, April 9, 2018

 City of Kitchener, Council Chambers
200 King Street West 

Following the Neighbourhood Information Meeting in January, a revised development concept and request to amend the application was received.  The changes from the original concept, in response to comments regarding height, shadow, and transportation impacts include;

  • incorporating and including 53 & 55 Wellington Street North within the limits of the project,
  • increasing the size of the loading dock and loading area and realigning the loading docks parallel to the building and further away from the surrounding residential uses,
  • increasing the depth of the landscape buffer between the project and 59 Wellington Street North,
  • increasing the setback of the tower portion of the building from 19 metres to 31.5 metres to improve shadowing on residential property east of the subject lands on the south side of Wellington Street North,
  • reducing the size and repositioning the mechanical penthouse (top floor) to reduce shadows from that portion of the building, and
  • adjusting the tower to be rectangular in shape, resulting in more of the floor area being located closer to Breithaupt Street.
Revised Concept Plan for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development
Revised Concept Plan for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development – For Approval at April 9 2018 Public Meeting


Original Concept Plan for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development
Original Concept Plan for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development – January 2018

You may also want to review the shadow study for the proposed development.

Shadow Study for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development
Shadow Study for Breithaupt Block Phase 3 Development

These meetings are open to the public.  However if you wish to speak to the proposal you need to register as a delegation. If you would like to speak at the public meeting, please register in advance online. Written submissions may also be sent to the City Clerk’s Office, 200 King Street West – 2nd Floor, Kitchener, ON, N2G 4G7.

3 thoughts on “Breithaupt Block Phase 3: Public Meeting

  1. Hi Neighbours,

    Garett Stevenson compiled this additional helpful document that has street views from Moore and Wellington:

    Click to access CSD_PLAN_Breithaupt-Block-Revised-development-concept.pdf

    My concern is not the current design of the building per se, but the fact that the city has recommended that the parcel be zoned out of residential, which is in direct contradiction to the very clear recommendations from the PARTS planning.

    I’m planning to register as a delegation to speak to this issue. I’ll suggest that a medium density residential zoning, with a stepped-up development and a central green courtyard, would be an acceptable alternative.

    Others may have different concerns and views. It is imperative that you register a delegation or otherwise formalize and submit your concerns! And the more neighbours at the meeting, the better. I don’t have the time to organize at this point—but perhaps someone does.

    Hope to see you all there,



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