Mount Hope Rain Garden Tour

On Wednesday August 15, almost 20 people joined the rain garden walking tour of our neighbourhood, hosted by Becca Robinson and Patrick Gilbride from Reep Green Solutions.

If you missed the tour, scroll through for a few photos or click the brochure image below to get the tour map of locations we visited on the walk.

Mount Hope Rain Garden Tour brochure on a rock
Click on the image to download a copy of the tour brochure. 

A few quick highlights about RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project:

  • Reep conducted 51 on-property RAIN Coach consultations
  • Construction of 10 rain garden
  • Construction of 6 infiltration galleries
  • Installation of 1 permeable driveway
  • Installation of 3 cisterns
  • Installation of 8 rain barrels (and likely more we don’t even know about!)

Pretty impressive,  neighbours!

We gathered at the Guelph Street Community Garden where the project launch was held two years ago!


We covered 10 garden stops on the tour, including the two contest winners announced in 2016. Both winners have completed their projects and we were able to ask questions about their specific choices and get an update on how well its working!

This property at the corner of Dekay & Guelph streets collected their water underground because they wanted to maintain a flat play area for children.
This is a longer, more narrow garden across the width of the homeowners front yard.
Example of permeable driveway on Guelph Street.
Side yard rain garden on Shanley Street.
The  most recent rain garden in the neighbourhood on Louisa Street.

Enjoy your own exploration of the neighbourhood rain gardens. They are easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for!

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