Sixo Midtown development sold to VanMarDevelopments

We learned about this news in early December and newspaper articles confirmed it!

The former SIXO Midtown development will now be called Station Park
Photo: Juanita Metzger

The Zehr Group has sold the SIXO Midtown development to VanMar Developments, a division of VanMar Constructors Inc., who also has other development projects in the region.

The project has been rebranded as Station Park and the company is apparently taking some time to reimagine aspects of the original project design.

From the Kitchener Post:

“VanMar Developments has designed and developed buildings across Canada and the United States since 1972.

In recent years, VanMar has built numerous upscale condominiums in prestigious locations throughout British Columbia and Southern Ontario, the most recent being the Caroline St. Private Residences in Uptown Waterloo, a 25-storey upscale condominium tower with construction nearing completion in mid-2019.”

Here is a second article from The Record:

$30M sale of Sixo site seen as a huge vote of confidence in Kitchener

Hopefully many of the community amenities envisioned for this development will remain in the redesigned version. The efforts at community engagement on behalf of the Zehr Group were certainly appreciated by the neighbourhood.

Hopefully there is continued engagement with the new development company.



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