New signs to share expected property changes

Many thanks to the City of Kitchener, in particular the Planning Department, for finding new ways to keep residents informed about planning and development activities.

As a result of public consultations, particularly through RIENS (Residential Intensification in Existing Neighbourhoods), the City of Kitchener has created a new city-wide process requiring visible signs on any property with an active planning application (committee of adjustment, demolition, zoning, etc.). Maybe you’ve noticed them as you are strolling through the neighbourhood or walking the dog.

example of community information sign for a demolition request on a Louisa Street property

Whether it’s a demolition notice or a Committee of Adjustment sign – the City outlines how to contact the Planning Department for further information or how to give your feedback.  I would encourage you to contact the City if you have any questions or concerns about development happening in midtown.

Committee of Adjustment sign on Moore Ave in Kitchener


 Generally, in order for a demolition to be approved, the owner/developer must submit plans for a new/replacement build to the City for approval. Once approved, the owner/developer must build on the property within two years. So, if you are wondering why we are seeing vacant lots where homes used to be, surrounded by construction fences, it’s because of this two year window to build.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 10 am at City Hall.  These meetings are open to the public. Agenda items are available through the City’s website.  The Agenda is also published in the Record a couple of weeks in advance of the meeting.  If you can’t make it to a meeting, they are live streamed on the City’s website.

The Committee deals with minor variances to signs and fences but also addresses the following property requests:

  • Grant minor variances from our zoning bylaw,
  • Allow changes to legal, non-conforming uses that current zoning does not permit,
  • Give consent for land severance to divide a parcel of land into more than one lot, or as lot additions to abutting properties,

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