Sacred Heart School and Convent update

Following the neighbourhood charrette last fall, the Hamilton Diocese, along with Sacred Heart Parish, has started a task force to look at the possible uses for the School and Convent.

Jim Long, from the Hamilton Diocese indicated that there were a number of ideas proposed but the one which seems to be getting the most traction is a retirement home.

He further indicated that this is a very big project and completely dependent on outside financing. Other options are those presented in the report prepared by MHBC PLANNING URBAN DESIGN & LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE for the Diocese following the charrette.  The Diocese is in the process of hiring an architect to prepare a heritage assessment.

For a copy of the report from the meeting please visit: or

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Jim Long
Episcopal Director of Finance and Administration
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton
Tel: 905-528-7988 ext. 2260

2 thoughts on “Sacred Heart School and Convent update

  1. Hello Juanita,

    Just a short note to commend you on your newsletter.

    I greatly enjoy and appreciate it.

    Yours sincerely,

    Glenn Pelletier (a proud midtowner living on Dekay Street)

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    1. Well, thank you Glenn, it’s very kind of you to add this comment. I can tell a lot of people read the posts that go out and it’s always great to hear from readers. Feel free to comment anytime 🙂 And thankfully there are several writers who help to make it all happen. There will be lot more City related posts coming in the next few months since a new round of planning & consultation events are on the way. Thanks for reading!


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