Jane’s Walk in the neighbourhood this weekend, May 3-5

The weather will clear up for the weekend… I promise! In which case you can safely and happily wander about the neighbourhood taking in walks and catching up with neighbours.

I’m highlighting walks taking place in the Midtown section of our Mount Hope neighbourhoood – either the walk route goes through the hood, or a walk that is led by someone who lives in our neighbourhood, but happens elsewhere in the city.

Jane's Walk Waterloo Region

Walks in the neighbourhood:

*also lives in the neighbourhood

The Walk Home From Work – by Lisa Massaro* – Friday 3, 4 – 5pm

Every wonder how other people get home from work, what they do on the way? What it’s like to walk home if you have to drive all the time? Join Lisa on her walk from downtown Kitchener to Wellington Street.

Claudette’s Wonderful World of the KW Library of Things – by Claudette Meyer – Saturday May 4, 10 – 10:30am

Claudette has found community in the neighbourhood through potlucks, volunteering at KW Library of Things (now a paid position through Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant) and she wants to show people what it means to her.

Wee Little Wander for Well-being – by Kate Pearce* – Saturday May 4, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

A short walk through the Mount Hope side of the MHBPNA neighbourhood to see and learn about some of the resources that support the well-being of our families and children.

150 Years of History in Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery – by Wayne Miedema* – Saturday May 4, 1:00 – 2:30pm

Wayne’s walking tour of the cemetery weaves together family names on the monuments with stories about the founding history of Kitchener, which makes it come alive in a new way.

What City is this? – by Kerri Hutchison* – Sunday May 5, 12 – 1:00 pm

Explore the Waterloo and Kitchener borders through Midtown and ask the question: “What city is this?” Because we’re all a little confused by this, aren’t we!?!

Walks led by neighbours, in other areas of the city:

Tour of Historic Rockway Gardens – Catherine Owens & Friends – Sunday May 5, 11am – 12:00pm

At some point over the years, I’m sure I heard that Rockway Gardens is the oldest volunteer-managed public gardens in Canada. Can you imagine? I love the stories associated with the design of these gardens and that in the 1930’s residents could work their a few hours a week for a reduction in their property taxes so they wouldn’t lose their houses during the depression.

Courthouses: Past & Present – Trent Bauman – Sunday May 5, 1:30 – 4pm

Bring your sketchbook, pencils, watercolours and take some time to appreciate the variety of architecture styles of the courthouse buildings around downtown Kitchener. This walk will be much more sitting and sketching than walking.

Still more….

Another walk of possible interest is a walk about Cultural Heritage Landscapes in Waterloo. We have CHLs in Kitchener too, of which, the Mount Hope Cemetery and the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park neighbourhood are both listed in the Kitchener document.

And, there are many more walks to choose from on this fine weekend dedicated to Jane Jacobs and the importance of exploring her ideas of city-building, urban change and the role the citizens MUST play in all of it.

See you around the neighbourhood.

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