Renaming of Uniroyal Goodrich Park

Like many neighbours, you might be asking… where the heck is Uniroyal Goodrich Park? It’s a hidden gem beside the Spurline Trail at Guelph Street. The Guelph Street Community Garden is located there.

The City is currently in the process of revitalizing Uniroyal Goodrich Park with construction expected to take place in 2019. During the community consultation process, they had a number of requests to rename the park. One suggestion was that the park be named after the Hiller family, who owned the land within which the current park is located from 1949 – 1972. A three-bedroom home was built by Gordon Hiller on the current parkland, and he and his wife Helen lived and raised their fourteen children there until they moved and the land was subsequently sold to Uniroyal Goodrich in 1972.

This proposed name of Hiller Park complies with the City of Kitchener Facility Naming/Renaming Policy (I-475) in that it identifies a historical significance that recognizes an individual or family, such as the original landowner.

You can respond to a short 3 question survey here:

Some neighbours have also made the suggestion that we look beyond the recent history of the land to enact a land acknowledgement of the original stewards of the land in this area – the Haudenosaunee. This land rests within the Halidmand Tract.

You are welcome to give whatever feedback you like about the park renaming.

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