Midtown MeetUp: Let Us Eat Cake!

The first weekend of summer is a good reason for a party so let’s have cake in the streets!

Sunday June 23, 2019

2:00 – 4:00pm

Dekay Street (between Shanley & Briar)

BRING: a cake, a plate, a fork, a chair or seat for sitting outside.

Hosted by: Kathy Mortimer, family & neighbours (if you are available to help set up & clean up, please get in touch with Kathy)

You can make your cake fancy or plain, fruity or chocolate-y, multi-layered sky-high or single-slab, healthy or sugar-rich…. it’s your choice! Please write out ingredients or specialty bake (e.g. gluten free, sugar free) on a recipe card in case people need to steer away from certain things.

What’s your favourite cake?

I’m rather partial to angel food cake with ‘seven minute frosting’ and a side of fresh strawberries. Just sayin’….

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