Neighbourhood Fall Potluck

Guest post from: Kim Knowles, Alexis Motuz & Sarah Anderson

Please join us for an outdoor Neighbourhood Fall potluck! 

We have invited some guests. Dave Skeen and folks from White Owl Native Ancestry and the Faculty of Social Work Indigenous Field of Study will join us. These folks do some amazing things! 

Dave is part of a network called Wisahkotewinowak who are looking for spaces in and around the city to reconnect and build relationships to the land. Some neighbours have been meeting with Dave to explore if Uniroyal Goodrich park could be one of those places.

When: Wednesday Oct. 9, 2019, 6pm – 8:30pm

Where: Uniroyal Goodrich Park

What else to bring: picnic blanket or chairs, plates & cutlery for yourself & family/guests, mug each, marshmallows or something else to roast (in the lucky event we are permitted to build a fire), and food to share in the potluck.

We will supply hot drinks — apple cider and hot chocolate. Bring your mug!  

Also, if you have a folding table we could use for food, please let us know. It will be helpful for laying out the food. 

We look forward to good conversation, good food and a good evening!
Kim, Alexis and Sarah 

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