If you want to know more about development in the neighbourhood

Most of you are aware that the neighbhourhood has pulled together a group of residents who meet monthly to review all developments in our hood (refer to the blog post from a couple weeks ago) or send me a note and I can update you.

One of the members of your Development Committee is pretty tech savvy and has created a geomap of Mt. Hope/Breithaupt which lists everything under development, whether commercial, retail or residential … and linked it to the building status/design approved by the City.

Take a few minutes to review the map and spend some time clicking on developments happening next to you or on your street … I truly think you will be impressed with how comprehensive the mapping is and how much info is available on the status of the development.

Map of new developments in Midtown KW #midtownkw
Click on the image to visit the Google Map.

Click or tap the polygons of developments for more information. Developments including the removal/addition of units, or the full demolition of a property are included.

Got information to add?

Further information, corrections, or updates on developments are welcome with a source. Email: development@mhbpna.org

Thank you for your continued interest in what’s happening in the neighbourhood. If you are interested in more information about the Development Committee, read this post here or contact me: Catherine.

One thought on “If you want to know more about development in the neighbourhood

  1. Many thanks for providing a really good map and concise, helpful descriptions. Really appreciate the time and thought your working group has put into this.

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