Clap your hands for health care workers!

Hi neighbours.

Some folks in our midtown KW neighbourhood plan to open their doors at 7:30 pm each evening clap, honk or bang a pot in appreciation and gratitude for the healthcare workers on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. These people are our neighbours, friends and family members. While we can’t give them a hug right now, we can at least give them a virtual high five and round of applause.

Hope you can join and spread the word!

Other neighbours say they will also be clapping in appreciation for the staff at Central Fresh Market and grocery cashiers, taxi drivers and others who are essential to keeping us going.

As you know we’re in the thick of a public health emergency and crisis; the pandemic that is the Coronavirus. The Region of Waterloo Public Health department has excellent information regarding:

  • travel restrictions
  • symptoms of the coronavirus
  • how to contact Public Health if you think you might be sick
  • guidelines for social distancing
  • how to self-isolate
  • testing procedures

Bookmark this page and read up, if you haven’t already! –>

Stay safe and healthy, wash your hands, change your plans and check up on your neighbours, family and friends.

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