Your positive words really do help neighbours

Hello Neighbours,

If it seems like we are helping keep each other’s spirits up, we are.  CBC radio one’s happiness columnist reported on social contagion research, which shows that both worry and a positive outlook can be as contagious as the current virus.  Further, statistics support that happier people tend to have higher numbers of happy friends and neighbours.  So, keep up the positive messages of hope and support to your neighbours.

HAPPINESS COLUMN | How ‘contagious’ altruism can help us fight COVID-19

We have a pretty lively 7:30 PM “kitchen band” in our area as we clap our hands for healthcare workers, and that moment to make noise to thank those on the front lines is also a great time to check in with your neighbours from a safe distance.  If we can get all of Midtown making noise, it’s likely that both the staff at Grand River Hospital and Central Fresh might hear us, so let’s keep in up!

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