Stealing our slow street

Not everyone celebrated when the the slow street signs and pylons were set up on Waterloo Street in Waterloo.

Photo from July 20, 2020

Shortly after the pylons went up, they started disappearing from the street during the night. CCTV from neighbouring properties recording someone (the same person on more than one occasion!) removing pylons from the street.

Empty pylon markings

Some of the pylons were found in the ditch beside the railway tracks and the Spurline Trail at Cafe Pyrus Outpost.

The issue has been reported to the City of Waterloo and it is being investigated.

Who knew slow streets could be so controversial! Well, we kinda knew that some people would hate them!

2 thoughts on “Stealing our slow street

  1. Hmm. Well, theirs is not a very sophisticated protest nor does it seem organized. Perhaps best not to read too much into it beyond random mischief. It doesn’t make it acceptable, but perhaps helps us avoid interpreting political intent. As a resident, parent and business owner, I’m thrilled about our slow streets, even though it makes sense that some may not understand what they’d gain by them at an individual level. Yet. Like all good things in this world, my fingers are crossed that their goodness becomes increasingly noticeable over time. At least, that’s my hope for these community-nurturing initiatives.


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