Midtown Community Connects in COVID

You are invited to join your neighbours for an series of community discussions about the personal and collective pandemic experiences we’ve been living.

  • Looking Back – Wednesday August 19, 7 – 8pm
  • Checking In – Wednesday August 26, 7 – 8pm
  • Moving Forward – September 2 , 7 – 8pm

This is an evening series for residents of Midtown KW, promoting re-connection with our neighbours, self-reflection on what we’ve just gone through in Covid, and resiliency. It’s hosted by Midtown Counselling (Shelly Pavlov) and Cafe Pyrus, and is being held outdoors at The Cafe Pyrus Outpost.

Shelly will be facilitating the event with a fellow psychotherapist, Sarah Pearson, who is also in the midtown area.

You can find more information on Shelly’s Facebook events or by visiting www.cafepyrusoutpost.com/community

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