Midtown Community Connects

Guest Post by Shelly Pavlic

You’re invited to Midtown Community Connects.

This is an opportunity for KW Midtown residents to gather safely and meaningfully outdoors. We meet every Thursday at 7:00 pm at Café Pyrus Outpost, along the Spur Line Trail. We either hang out under the tarp for theme-based chatter, or head out on a short walk, wrapping up by 8pm. Conversations are casual, friendly, and supportive.

This group met for a four week series on Mental Health during the summer days of Covid-19. The folks who came out enjoyed each other’s company and decided to continue, so we continued meeting weekly. It’s been fun and supportive, and we’re ready to open this up to others. Initially, the group was hosted through Midtown Counselling, but starting in November, this will be a peer-led, peer-owned group.

We make sure to accommodate Covid-19 safety measures, and participant abilities and comfort levels. We respect health guidelines by maintaining physical distance (and wearing masks when appropriate), and staying home when our symptoms, contacts or travel puts us at risk of having Covid-19.

New members are welcome. Come dressed for the weather!

If you would like to put up a poster on a hydro pole near you, download and print this copy.

One thought on “Midtown Community Connects

  1. Thanks for posting, Juanita, and sorry for not having gotten back to you!

    We were pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie that grew out of Midtown Community Connects – Mental Health Series. We were an eclectic group of strangers meeting in strange times. Yet, initial awkwardness and discomfort quickly melted away. By the end, each of us had deepened our understanding of our personal pandemic journey and those of our neighbours. We shared laughter and tears, hopes and fears. By the end, our motley crew was celebrating new-found community, friendship, and fun. Rare finds in today’s climate. Our ongoing Thursday 7pm meet-ups allow us to continue in that spirit. We look forward to sharing that with others.


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