Planning 101: Intro to Planning in Kitchener

As you are probably aware … the City has undertaken a Development Services Review (looking at ways to better interact with citizens on planning initiatives). As a result of this review, the City planning team has or will be developing a number of education webinars on how planning works. Many of you had the opportunity to attend the interactive session where you were able to ask your personal questions on planning processes. Additional segments are being developed and will be available this year.

The Mt Hope/Breithaupt/Midtown Development Committee (your neighbours who volunteer to track all development issues) approached the City and asked them to make the educational session available to the public … and the good news is that Dayna Edwards and the planning team at the City has been able to post the original zoom meeting/community engagement to YouTube.

If you are interested in learning more about how the planning processes effects you and your neighbours or if you have trouble understanding “planning jargon” as it relates to infill projects, demolitions, new builds or what happens when your neighbour or a developer wants to build on their property this is a good primer on how Provincial guidelines, Regional guidelines and City guidelines impact what is happening .

Dayna Edwards, from the Planning Department, tells me that they will be doing future YouTube videos this year.  In the meantime, I think you will find the segment above really helpful in understanding the planning process.

Catherine Owens
Chair, Mt. Hope/Briethaupt Park Development Committee

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