Community Fridge coming to the neighbourhood

Hey everyone – Dinah Murdoch shared this message with neighbours and is passing it along here.

This message below comes from a Facebook group — The 519 Community Collective — who are addressing food insecurity in the region. They have installed a community fridge at Cafe Pyrus Outpost on Roger and need a roster of volunteers who will check in on it.

Just pasting in the post below. I’m not involved in the project but saw the post and said I could share — it makes sense for neighbours to be helping since a check-in on the fridge appears to just take a few mins. If you’re interested in helping, DM one of the two folks listed at the end of the message via Facebook Messenger or email

Not sure what a Community Fridge is? Read this CBC article about the KW-Community Fridge in Downtown Kitchener.


Can you help us make sure our Fridge Project stays sustainable?

We are looking for some more volunteers who would not mind dedicating 3-5 min a day to check up on the fridge!

We have time slots for 8:00, 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

If you would be able to drop by the 150 Roger street, Waterloo address Monday-Sunday at one of these times, please let us know asap!

This is a huge need for us right now to get this list finalized.

Please connect with Sadia Mundh or Julie Sawatzky for this role!

Thank you!

-check fridge temp
-ensure all food is suitable
-wipe down surfaces with sanitizing wipe

I timed it and it can take less than 3 min when you get the hang of it.

There will also be a garbage bin, as well as a green bin on-site for any items needing to get tossed.

Please connect with us asap! We need peace of mind knowing this step is taken care of.

The fridge is being delivered on July 8th, and we want to get up and running ASAP!

Thank you for your support!

We appreciate it so so so much!

Great for youth volunteer hours as well!

519 Nourish Fridge Project

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